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We founded our organization with a clear objective in mind: to support businesses and organizations in healthcare to steer safely through the digital innovation turmoil. We accomplish this by providing direction and tangible results that really matter and contribute to safeguarding and advancing our clients’ mission or business.


All of our advisors and partners are senior healthcare industry executives acknowledged for their strategic thinking, innovation and for building new business in digital health. We have earned our management and consulting experience from projects with different healthcare players such as Providers & Payers, Life Sciences Firms, Med Tech Companies, Start-Ups or NGOs. Our professional networks include decision-makers, influencers and senior executives from a variety of healthcare disciplines.



Digitalization has become a buzzword – also in healthcare. Yet, as many healthcare stakeholders talk about it, only few know what it really means for their organizations.

  • What lies beyond nifty apps and picturesque predictions of the digital future?

  • How can digital tools support organizations to provide better care and service to patients and citizens?

  • What needs to be in place to ensure data safety, security and compliance to governance rules and regulations?

  • And how can all of this be transformed into operational or commercial models and implemented in organizations as well as in the marketplace?


These are some of the questions which are currently on the minds of many healthcare executives. Together with our clients, we are able to find the answers.



Digital health is not about technology - it is about managing change and expectations. Of course, we are able to advise you on digital health applications or solutions. However, the far more complex endeavour is often to establish new ways of working and to alter established practice. When looking at successful digital projects, we frequently discover that two-thirds of investments and efforts don’t go into digital technology, but are dedicated to the transformation challenge that comes along with it. But unless an organization properly deals with this subject, it is highly unlikely that digitalization will lead to the desired outcomes.


We have developed “HealthSpeed” - a 5-step framework that addresses the different aspects of digital innovation. Based on this, we provide guidance to our clients to plan, set up and implement their digital endeavours.

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