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The different entities and organizations in healthcare naturally feature varying needs and objectives when they embark on their digital health endeavours. Moreover, digitalization always meets different structures, processes and organizational cultures.

Hence, there is no one-fits-all recipe for digital success – and this is why we look at each of our clients individually and not with rigid analytical and conceptual patterns.  



  • We develop digital offerings for your organization

  • We elaborate on respective business cases

  • We identify suitable technology and market partners

  • We support you in establishing commercial beachheads 

  • We accompany you in establishing a digital mindset in your organization

  • We assist you with project management



  • We identify potential digital offerings for you and create business cases

  • We detect suitable technology and market partners

  • We position your organization in digital health

  • We support you to acquire pilot projects and partners

  • We second you in building & leading a digital-savvy team

  • We can take care of project management



  • We map, evaluate & benchmark your clinical IT and digital health landscape

  • We establish your digital roadmap

  • We help to anchor the roadmap in your organization

  • We assist you in obtaining funding for your digital projects

  • We accompany you in managing and implementing digital transformation

  • We design and establish frameworks for quality control and corrective measures



  • We identify digital innovation themes that matter

  • We analyse digital health market innovation drive and maturity

  • We locate business cases that pay off

  •  We identify the right investment candidates in the right market places

  • We can define pilot projects and support to implement them

  • We manage scaling them up & creating business ecosystems

  • We can take care of partner- and project management



  • We create knowledge & content around digital innovation topics

  • We define service offerings around your mission

  • We build and manage stakeholder networks & communities

  • We support you in establishing opinion leadership

  • We represent your organization at decider & influencer level



  • We provide you with market insights & identify your target audience

  • We ensure your edge over the competition

  • We create your business and go-to-market play

  • We assist you with acquiring funds & pilot projects to create evidence

  • We build a business ecosystem to scale up your offering

  • We support you in building & leading your team


Prof. Siegfried Jedamzik, Managing Director, Bavarian Telemed Alliance

I had the pleasure to work with Rainer and his team on digital projects for the hospital sector. They do not only understand healthcare IT, but also know how to make it work for their clients in often complex environments and organizations.  We very much appreciated their ability to come up with innovative and forward thinking solutions. Definitely a great addition to our own skills -  and fun to work with.


Stephen Bryant, Director & Co-founder, Sillver Buck

During the three years I spent as Managing Director of HIMSS Europe, I was fortunate enough to work alongside Rainer Herzog.

 Having never previously worked in the German speaking marketplace, I needed someone who understood this part of the business and Rainer was that man. His knowledge of healthcare and technology on a global scale is outstanding, but particularly in Germany, Austria and Switzerland, where he helped me to comprehend the particular nuances which defined that sector. 


Miroslav Koncar, Global Business Development EMR & Care Management, Philips

Rainer possesses a broad knowledge and understanding of the different aspects that make up digital health. He knows how to create new business ideas and lead change projects that come with it. I worked with Rainer on several occasions over the last years and can emphasize that it has always been a pleasure. Getting an idea from its infancy onto a wider commercial platform that delivers value and business impact, is something I particularly enjoyed in our joint work.

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